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1241 Carpenter Street | Philadelphia PA 19147 

D3x is on the wish list!

I'm a Nikon guy and the D3x makes me happy. I have a couple of digital bodies including the D2x, but the full frame 24MP flagship beast is on my current wish-list.

I haven't even been brave enough to touch this camera but when I'm in B&H and I walk by it, I can hear it calling my name. I don't think that a camera is what makes a photographer but I do believe that certain equipment can help the
photographer better display their talents.

Casting Service + Current Casting(s)

We offer casting services for clients and also post castings for in-house testing purposes. If you're a prospective client and are interested in having EMG conduct your casting, please contact us with your requirements and we'll be sure to conduct a successful casting for your print or video project.

In-House castings can be viewed by mousing over the thumbnail images in the lower right corner of this window.

Charity Event(s)

On January 12th 2010 a magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastated the small caribbean country of Haiti. The effects of this earthquake could be felt around the world. EMG in affiliation with Glamourville Studio was able to donate $1000 to the relief efforts by offering a free photo shoot for anyone who made a $50 donation to the Red Cross in our name.

EMG is willing to work with other charity organizers in raising money for relief efforts. Contact us with the details.


Intermediate level PhotoShop experienced is required for this retouching workshop. Spend the afternoon with Dodge as he demonstrates the high-end retouching techniques that he uses to take an image from a RAW file to a large scale quality print image.
Some of the topics discussed during the workshop will be: Dodge's most commonly used tools and techniques, what to look for before the retouch, how to preserve all skin texture and pores, the use of layers masks, how to dodge and burn with ease, how to blend highlights and shadows plus more. [ ...more info ]

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about EMG

High-End Professional Photography for all your senses. We take pride in providing a quality product to all of our clients. Based in Center City South | Philadelphia PA, we are centrally located for your convenience.

Our work covers a wide-range of subjects like; places, people and products. We are constantly pushing the envelope in the genres we cover. Our images are coveted by our clients for their sharpness, color, vibrancy and clarity of details.

Amidst a vast sea of amateur photographers calling themselves professionals; to the less savvy client it may be hard to spot the differences, so here’s one: the genres we shoot; we specialize in! Cameras seem to get more and more affordable every day and there’s always someone who knows somebody that has “a nice camera” but; speaking from experience, being thrifty upfront may cost you more in the long run because; you really do get what you pay for.


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