We provide a new and refreshing vantage point to traditional photography. We're unlocking access to services that were once out of reach and over budget for the average person, small business or adventurous artist.

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Why Choose Skies by: EMG?

We’re “Part 107” licensed by the FAA so when you hire us, it’s legal! We can also act as the Remote Pilot in Command if you have a UAV hobbyist that you want use for your project. The FAA is aggressively pursuing individuals who break the rules.

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FAA Compliant
Equip. Readiness
PreFlight Planning

Traditional + Aerial Photography Services

We have 15+ years of traditional photography experience and we've been flying UAV / Drone cameras for over 2 years.

We work with you to understand your requirements. Our meeting helps us determine if we're the right UAV Pilot for you!
Flight Planning
With the use of flight control software we can map out the entire flight route ahead of time and plan for special circumstances.
Fast Delivery
We have our own cloud services and can make ``raw`` video available within hours of the completed shoot.
Precise Control
We can create shots and capture angles that not too long ago could only be acheived by Hollywood crane & boom operators.

We create magic

Well – it’s kind of like magic! When you combine our countless hours of flight time, adherence to FAA safety guidelines and our use of the latest UAV software and hardware; the end result is indeed magical!

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Why Choose Us?

Licensed by the FAA
The FAA requirement is simple and straight forward; if you hire someone to fly a drone and capture footage for you, they must be licensed by the FAA or else it's illegal.
Safety First
Kamikaze flying just to get a ``cool`` shot is not our thing. We play by the book and follow the rules. We're licensed pilots; we have more than just our reputations on the line.
Client Friendly
Our service is always delivered with a smile because we love what we do! It is our pledge to deliver the highest quality service and the best quality images possible. Web, Print, SD, HD, 4K
We're combining our piloting skills with 15 years of traditional photography experience so we provide expertise across the board and deliver a professional and highly personalized product.

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The photography business is always involving and we're in this business because it's fun! Allow us to bring your creative imagination to life. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can! Contact Us!

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