Hello, My Name Is

Dodge P.

I'm A Professional Photographer

What I Do

I shoot mostly Beauty, Glamour and Artistic Pieces. I'm not an event or wedding photographer. I like to create high quality, tasteful eye candy.
I provide retouching services for models, photographers or designers who need to take their already good images to the next level. See some examples below.
I'm available to host or keynote at your location; workshops in the following areas of my expertise; Retouching, Digital Photography 101 and UAV Piloting.

I've been shooting for 15 years, I've seen it all. My work is not cut out for everyone and I may not be the photographer for you. I shoot beauty, glamour and artistic pieces. To sum it all up - I take pretty pictures!

Dodge P.

Watch my aerial videography clip!

I've spent the last couple of years mastering aerial drone photography. I'm licensed by the FAA as a UAV Pilot. I'm not the photographer to shoot your event but I can work with the photographer you hire to capture aerial footage of said event, party or wedding. Keep in mind that anyone flying drones for pay MUST be licensed. Click the camera icon above to view a short clip.

Contact Us

Call, email or shoot me a text. I'm available during the day with ample notice but readily available after 6pm on weekdays and almost anytime on weekends.

1241 Carpenter Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(407) 2GET-EMG